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Boys’ New Bedroom Reveal!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were going to redecorate The Boys’ bedroom and I was so desperate to get started that I forgot to take any ‘before’ shots. After rooting through my old phone pics I came across this one, which is pretty poor quality but gives you an idea of how bland and boring it was for two young boys.

Resourceful as ever, I did actually originally make the curtains myself from a really heavy vintage sheet. I also made the roman blackout blind, the bunting and appliquéd cushion cover.


However, that was six years ago and we really wanted to bring the room up to date and add some bright, stimulating colours with a funky pattern. In short, something infinitely more appropriate for seven and nine year old boys sharing a room.

The starting point for the new design was this incredible wallpaper by Quentin Blake for Osborne & Little (£42-00 per roll) based on his “Cockatoo” illustrations for his children’s book of the same name.

A single roll was just enough if we papered one wall and was economical enough to enable us to choose designer wallpaper.


The room was also crying out for more storage and where better to go for storage solutions than Ikea?

Whilst I’m not a fan of flat pack furniture, in this case it made perfect sense – we measured up units to fit around two walls and it all came in at under £300 including delivery, which is less than half the price of a good quality single wardrobe!

You might remember that I showed you the mood board I put together – here it is again in case you missed it: –


And here is our interpretation of that design – very close to the vision and pretty successful, though I say so myself!


We didn’t have enough to paper the bit behind the units but they’re fixed to the wall so you can’t see!!

I made a roman blind out of 1.2m of matching fabric (also £42-00 per metre) and this is enough to tie the whole design together without being too matchy-matchy.


“Teresa’s Green” paint by Farrow & Ball in a washable finish was a good match to the wallpaper and was used on the remaining walls.


I already had this limited edition print by Quentin Blake (featuring the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where he finds a Golden Ticket), so I put it in a large square Ikea frame and it has the starring role on its own wall.


The lower height storage units had the potential to double up as a comfortable seating area, so a 2m length of 10cm thick upholstery foam makes the perfect bench seat cushion. I made a piped box cushion cover from cotton twill in a vibrant Pillar-Box Red, being sure to include a zip at one end to make it removable for washing.

With the addition of a plump feather, faux fur cushion, this is now a favourite place for The Boys to sit and read.


The Works were selling this huge poster of a map of the world at the bargain price of £4-99 back last year and The Boys begged me to buy it for their room.

I can’t tell you how brilliant it has been for teaching them Geography without them even knowing it – they have hours of fun matching up the countries with their respective flags at the bottom!


A couple of hooks on the back of the yet-to-be-painted door give them space to hang their dressing gowns.


Their Very Talented Father made the bunks from scratch to my design. I wanted them to stretch the entire width of the room and be high enough up off the floor to store a games table which they can pull out when they want to use it. It was the only way I could incorporate their request for a table tennis/table football/snooker/air hockey table into such a modestly sized room!

The space underneath holds more units for the hoards of dressing up clothes that are in daily use and also becomes a den when the games table is removed.


The best bit is yet to come though.

See the ladder in the corner? It’s going to be replaced with a climbing wall as the means of getting into bed, and a fireman’s pole to get out!

Needless to say they can’t wait for those, but that’s going to have to be another payday:)

Remember the bedside book pockets I made last year? They’ve been a huge success so they went straight back onto the newly painted bed panels.

The battery operated lights were a fiver each from Homebase, I think, and are ideal for The Boys to enable one to carry on reading without keeping the other awake.


P1040942 P1040847

All in all we’re thrilled with the makeover and The Boys absolutely LOVE their new room – they even keep it tidy because it’s so easy now everything has its own place!

Have you come down with Spring Fever and feel the need to spruce up your home too? Come on, show us your decorating projects – everyone loves a “before” and “after”:)


Sunday Sevens #12

My week in pictures for this, the twelfth, #sundaysevens – pop over to Natalie at Threads & Bobbins to see what it’s all about:)

1. Advent Calendar finished in the nick of time! I have a tutorial to post later this week.


2. The Christmas DVDs are coming out! Watching “The Polar Express” with the boys.

photo 5

3. They drew 0-0 but Freddy got “Man of the match” – check out that medal!

photo 2

4. Fifi and Tess curled up as close as they can get – they definitely sense when you’re in pain.

photo 3

5. Bedside book bag (tutorial here) made for a little girl’s Christmas present….


6. ….leftover fabric made a sweet little cover for pocket tissues to go in the box for my #sewingsanta giftee:)


7. It’s coming off tomorrow – my husband’s “Monkey’s Tail” for Movember.

photo 1


Tutorial: How To Make A Bedside Book Pocket

My two youngest boys share a room (out of choice, not because we’re too mean to give them a room each!).

It’s a good size double but with all their toys etc. in there, there wasn’t enough playing space left when they had single beds, so we had to seriously consider bunk beds.

I loathe bunk beds.

Not only are they ugly, but they’re often not the best use of space, so I designed a set of bunks that fit wall-to-wall (keeping the floor totally free for a den underneath) and hubby made them. And they even cost less than it would to buy the cheapest pine bunk beds on the market so a bit of a bargain to boot – and I do love a bargain:)

They still need painting and both the climbing-wall ladder and fireman’s pole need fitting, but at least they’re functional in the meantime.

The only problem we have with them sharing a room is that one wakes early (6 ish) and the other likes a bit of a lie-in (7 ish) resulting in the light being switched on and a grumpy boy:(

The solution was simple enough – fit each cabin out with it’s own light so No.2 son can read without waking No.3 son. We chose the type of lights that run on batteries rather than rewire the whole room; you know the kind, you click the front to switch on and off and they’re often used for garages or inside cupboards where there’s no power.

The other issue was that, as they can’t have a bedside table or a shelf, they needed somewhere to keep a book handy.

This is what I came up with;


It just hangs over the edge and fastens with a velcro strip on the inside so it would work equally well for any wooden (or metal) bed frame or bunk bed.


They work really well and the boys were (a little bit too) excited with such a simple gift. This is how they look (I really must get the paint out!) –


You can just see the lights on the wall.

So, here’s how I made them…

1. To fit the average sized book, cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of interlining 21″ x 8″


2. Sandwich the interlining between the two pieces of fabric, wrong sides together, and baste around all four sides.


3. On the front pocket edge, pin and stitch some bias binding (tutorial here).


4. Fold the pocket up 7″, pin in place then baste down the sides.


5. Pin more bias binding around the entire outside edge…..


….mitring the corners for a neat finish.


6. Stitch carefully in place, making sure to catch the back of the binding as well. If you miss a bit like I did (!) don’t panic. Remember that it’s on the reverse and can’t be seen so just catch-stitch in place by hand.

7. Sew a 6″ strip of Sew ‘n’ Stick velcro to the top on the reverse side….


…et Voilá!


8. Stick the adhesive part to the inside of your bed frame and attach your finished pocket to it.


The Boys couldn’t wait to get in bed last night and try them out and what’s more it worked this morning – No.2 son woke early and stayed in bed quietly reading to himself until his brother woke up!

Don’t they look snug?


I know we’ll have to change the light batteries regularly but it’s worth the inconvenience. They’re bright enough to read by but, because they each have their own ‘cabin’, light from one does not disturb the other. Result!!

Have a go at making your own version or look out in my Folksy shop for some in the near future:)

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