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Sunday Sevens #40


It’s Sunday once again and that can only mean one thing – Sunday Sevens!

The brainchild of Nat at Threads & Bobbins, #sundaysevens is a weekly blog series featuring seven photos representing your week.

Last week, a mishap with my ‘phone meant I couldn’t participate but, luckily, The Man At The Gadget Shop fitted a new screen and my photos were retrieved.

There are a few more than seven pictures as I’ve squeezed in two week’s worth of photos:)

1. Mr. H-L acting the fool in his Speedos and swimming hat!


2. Having fun in a Spanish market in Albox.


3. Back home – some friends stayed the weekend and we had Sunday morning breakfast outside. Lovely!


4. More colourful Merino wool arrived for sock making.


5. I really ought to invest in a wool-winder…


6. A pair of House Martins decided that the top edge of our open bedroom window would be a good place to start building a nest!


7. We have a poorly hen.

My favourite girl, Amber, has broken her leg somehow and we found her being dragged around the garden by the others. Chickens often bully to death, quit literally, an injured hen, so she has a new home in the lounge for the next few weeks.


8. Village fète on the school playing fields on Saturday. There’s something so very English about a scene like this, isn’t there?


9. No.2 Son beat both his brothers and his father to become the Welly Wanging Winner 2015!


10. We celebrated with a plastic (as opposed to a glass) of Pimms.


11. Pudding after Sunday lunch today was Kladdkaka, a gooey Swedish chocolate cake bought at the fète, with strawberries and cream. Delicious!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #40

  1. Your village fair looks typically English, how lovely! Plus the weather looks perfect! So sorry about your poorly hen, hope she soon recovers. And that chocolate cake looks GORGEOUS! Very jealous!


  2. Fab photos! You’re full English breakfast looks the best ever! Congratulations to the Champion Welly Wanger 😃

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  3. Lovely sunny photos, so glad you got your phone back up in running order, I hope your hen regains full health soon xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not one of those people for whom their ‘phone is everything, but I am glad to get the photos back. They are now backed up on my computer:)


      • Half the time my phone has no charge ..the other half I don’t know where I’ve left it, so I don’t have any photos on my there at all, still I understand what a relief getting your photos back must be 🙂


      • Ha ha! That sounds familiar – my friends text Bruce now as they’re never sure how long it will be before I see, let alone reply to, any message!

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  4. It’s great that you all enjoyed your hols and that you had a lot of lovely things to do after coming home! Hope Amber recovers well soon 🙂

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  5. Love the sound of welly wanging! You seem to have birds nesting all over the place where you live, first the BBQ, now the window ledge 🙂

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  6. Very English photos! Well done to your Welly Wanger! I hope poor Amber recovers soon, poor chicken.
    I’m glad the gadget shop man could save your photos, phew!

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  7. Mr H-L certainly made me chuckle! 🙂 I’ve never actually seen a welly wanging competition but it sounds so much fun…did you not wang a welly? Hope Amber chicken gets well soon!

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  8. Okay, stupid American me just had to walk down the hall to ask my (Brit) partner what “welly wanging” was. Two countries separated by a shared language, etc.

    Looks like you’ve had some fun times and delicious eats lately. Totally envying you the Pimms. 😉


  9. I know, it can be amusing sometimes – I’m sure your partner still can’t resist the urge to snigger when he hears bum-bags being referred to as fanny-packs!


  10. Looks like another lovely week – apart from your poor hen. Hope she mends quickly. Do hope you’re fully better soon too. Congrats to your welly wanger. Now pass me some of that cake m’dear.


  11. Oh my!! I have to say that you and hubby are well suited for each other. You both make me laugh. He knows for sure that he is the bomb in his speedo and hat. LOL Now tell me what is welly wagging? I have never heard of it. Whatever it is your son is so chuffed about it. His smile is so much better that the ribbon! Congrats little man! I hope Amber gets better soon. Poor baby. 😦

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