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Sunday Sevens #87


Sunday Sevens is half right this week in that at least I’m posting on a Sunday. I really must work on the ‘sevens’ part though, as demonstrated by the 24 photos that follow…..

1. Wisteria is one of the many reasons that May is my favourite month. Georgian architecture, cottage gardens and the odd perfect blue sky are one of the many reasons to love England.

2. Talking of architecture, I snapped up this book in the charity shop this week for just £2.00.

3. Bought these quilting clips which should be useful for bulky fabrics or when pin marks would ruin leather/PVC.

4. I ordered a couple of metres of this fab ‘ice cream truck’ fabric from Ditto fabrics while it’s in the sale. It’s even better in the flesh and I’m tempted to get some more.

5. Mr H-L and I had a day out in Salisbury. First stop is always the Old George Inn, now run as the Boston Tea Party café, for Eggs Royale where we sit in the same place – a Grade One listed bay window which still has a few of the original panes of glass. On the wall opposite is a list of all the landlords/licencees since 1320!

6. Its Grade One status means that no fixtures can be permanent, including the lighting. I love the quirky solution of suspending old teapots wired up as pendants over the table.

7. Breakfast provided the necessary sustenance for Mr H-L to survive not one, but TWO fabric stores whilst we were there. Franklins were celebrating their 60th anniversary and the shop is more of a craft centre spread over two floors. They hold a good selection of quilting-type cottons, if a little on the pricy side at £18.95 per metre. I bought mine from the bargain bucket where everything was £2.95 per metre:)

8. I can’t imagine spending that much on a sewing machine…..

9. Fabric Land is one of nine branches spread over Southern England and this particular shop is pretty good, stocking completely different fabrics to Franklins. Their full price printed cottons were £3.95 per metre – an important factor when considering my workshops are all-inclusive and I need to make a profit.

10. As a treat for being a good boy in the sewing shops, I took Mr H-L for a quick pint in The Haunch of Venison, also dating from 1320. If you get a chance, follow the link and read the brief history as it’s quite interesting.

11. See the bread oven in the left of the inglenook?

12. Here it is close up, now secured with iron bars and a padlock due to its macabre contents having been pilfered several times in the past.

13. Why anyone would want to nick the mummified remains of a hand, chopped off of a man caught cheating at cards, is beyond me, though!

14. Here’s the accompanying poem that describes the grisly event in more detail.

15. My recent fabric buying bonanza has culminated in this towering pile of cotton prints, all of which are destined for Summer sewing workshops.

16. There are some lovely combinations for the kids to choose from for this PJ and pillow project.

17. Mr H-L rustled up a tasty breakfast on Saturday morning….

18. …..whilst I whipped up some butter and a quick loaf.

19. Love Sewing popped through the door later in the morning, so everything stopped for half an hour while I put my feet up with a cup of coffee.

20. No.1 Son’s team won the Cup.

21. Here he is with the winner’s medal.

22. Mr H-L’s shorts are finished and ready to be blogged on Wednesday.

23. Last night’s sofa project was this crochet pincushion which was a free gift with Mollie Makes this month. It might be going in this year’s #stitchingsanta parcel……

24. Sunday morning will see me squeezing in a couple of hours of selfish sewing while Mr H-L does the grocery shopping, No.1 Son has gone to see his girlfriend, No.2 Son is at the stables and No.3 Son is happily colouring.

Said project is a white linen triple-layered dress which has caused me one very big practical problem at the moment. Stay tuned for an update;)

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series thought up by Nat at Thread & Bobbins – follow the link to find out what it’s all about and how you can join in, too.

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43 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #87

  1. I love the teapot lights!

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  2. The teapot lights, the fabric, the breakfast… looks like a great week!

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  3. Always enjoy your Sunday Sevens (or 24s)! Looking forward to seeing all the amazing makes from your summer sewing workshops. Those shorts are certainly going to be eye-catching!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, that’s kind of you to say, especially as there are so many photos to endure! I’m dying to see those fabrics made up and am sorely tempted to make a sample pair out of a couple of them. The red shorts are very in-your-face but he’s got the personality to pull it off:)

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  4. Love the Inn and the history surrounding it.

    The resurgence of quilting has made It harder to find reasonably priced cotton but it is out there in more traditional retailers, yours will be perfect for your little students.

    The topstitching on the shorts is worthy of its own post, I’m well impressed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I never really think about top stitching so I’m pleased you noticed it for all the right reasons. I’m getting stuck into some linen makes for the Summer at the moment, using up the remains of last year’s colourful ones:)


  5. Gorgeous fabric and food, but how do you stay looking so wonderful with all that nosh?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha – they say it’s your face or your figure after a certain age, don’t they? I’ve gone for the face where a few extra pounds keep the wrinkles plumped out:)


  6. I used to work at Fabric Land!! I did a stint before I went to uni in ’99. My main shop was the Southampton branch but I’d be sent to work in other stores (including Salisbury) when extra staff were needed. I really enjoyed it. It was always busy and lifting all the rolls of fabric meant I was super fit.
    That wisteria is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now that’s a job to have! I’d spend all my wages and more on fabric though. Did you make all your own clothes when you were a poor student? I was impressed with the variety of stock they had from polycotton through to silks. It’s definitely on my list as a regular shop to visit every time I’m in Salisbury from now on.


      • I still have some fabric stashed away from when I worked there. It hasn’t crumbled to dust yet! I used to buy so much. However, I don’t think I sat at a sewing machine for years after working there. Every now and then I go back to buy a whole new stash because it’s so much cheaper than any where else.You can buy online too if you can forgive the crazy self-designed site.

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  7. Wow what a fab week. Love your fabric purchases especially the elephants & ice cream vans. That mummified hand is gruesome :-/!!! But loved the teapot lights :-). Congratulations to no 1 son on his football team’s success!

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  8. Congrats to No1 son and the team for their winning the league 🙂 Mr. H-L doesn’t seem to mind having his breakfast and pint inter spaced with a little fabric shopping at all lol and, what lovely fabrics, your students will love them!! Oh, if only my wisteria had flowers like your photo!!!…eight year+ and I’m still waiting…;-/

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    • It’s surprising what men will put up with for food and the promise of a pint, isn’t it? I’d want more than that to go and watch football for ninety minutes! The fabrics are already creating some interest on my Facebook page so I’d better get some dates sorted for those workshops pretty soon. I wish we’d planted a Wisteria when we moved in ten years ago, but we never got around to it:(

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      • No kidding!… attack a man’s stomach with his fav’s and a promise of more and we women can happily tag them along 😉 quite agree… it would take a lot more to get me too to sit through a sporting event!

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  9. What a fun week! I love the The Haunch of Venison–now I want to fly over for another visit!


  10. Reading your Sunday Sevens is like a tour through England! I absolutely adore it and look forward to every one. BTP? LOL That’s a hoot! Somebody in England is making money off the title of the colonist’s rebellion from the King on unfair taxes. You just can’t get any more Anglo Saxon than that! That’s incredible you’ve got structures there from the 1300’s. That is so cool to be looking at things that people back then did too. Congrats to son #1 and a medal and ribbon to hubs for his indulgence. Now I need to go blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We take our historic buildings for granted a little bit, I think, but when you stop to look a bit closer at the history behind the architecture, it is fascinating what you learn. The beams in the pub were several hundred years older than the 1320 building as they were reclaimed from wrecked ships at the time! I’m glad you enjoy reading about my little patch of England:)


  11. It all sounds like a lovely week ~ I love May and June too, everything is so lush and new. I’m envious that you can justify fabric purchases with your workshops, what a beautiful choice the children will have.

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  12. That wisteria is wonderful.
    Don’t worry about too many photos it’s always good to have stuff to post about.
    You have got to love fabric land, 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never been to a Fabric Land and did’t realise it was a chain until I saw all the branches splashed over the front of the carrier bag. I’ll definitely go back every time I’m in Salisbury, though:)


  13. So much to comment on.
    I have given up trying to grow wisteria – it doesn’t do anything for us and yet I see it growing out of cracks in the walls of abandoned houses. Still we have multiple lilacs and when I go and put the chickens away in the evenings the scent is glorious so I’ll make do with that.
    I love those clips – really useful for all sorts of things – I use mine to hold the binding on to quilts as I sew it on – much less painful and quicker than pins.
    I had a quick look at Ditto’s site and was tempted by a couple of fabrics but I’m in Brighton next month anyway so I restrained myself and will have a field day when I get there as is my wont.
    Lovely pubs as usual and I hope to be doing my share of pub hopping when I’m over too.


  14. Wow, what a week! First, congrats to your son and his team on their big win! Love the teapot lamps, adore the elephant fabric (oh, and the ice cream van), the wisteria is so fabulous, can’t wait to see how the three-layer linen comes together…..and our old places around here suddenly don’t feel so old after all. 😉


  15. THANK YOU for that wisteria! And congratulations to #1 son on his team’s win!
    Looks like another packed week for you, and love the cottons you’re able to find there for your classes. Your Mister is looking very relaxed & healthy, perhaps he needs more fabric shopping “therapy” . . .lol!
    (Sighing over those great magazines you can get through the mail over there…) How did you whip up your quick loaf? Is it an easily shared recipe?
    Hope you’re have a grand week & good weather!


  16. I don’t mind seeing 24 photos when they are as nice as yours! You’ve had such a busy week again 🙂 Love all the fabric you bought & Mr H-L’s breakfast looks so yummy!


  17. Another busy week for you! I have fabric envy! But I also really want some of your bread & butter!!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. What a great week. I love the pubs and buildings. 🙂 Always so awesome and amazing to see.
    Lol, my heart nearly stopped when I saw the price on the sewing machine, and then did the currently conversion! But is still a very nice machine.
    Great post, as always, and thank you for sharing with us. I totally love seeing what you all get up to on a weekly basis.
    Have fun and enjoy Spring!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, I’ve paid less than that for a car! It was an all-singing, all-dancing embroidery machine with flatbed scanner though. I wish I’d asked for a demo as it looked amazing. I love seeing the different architecture in other countries, so I’m glad you find ours interesting, too:)

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Another busy week! love the stack of fabric! fabric land is great, I often visit their Southampton store – it’s such great value.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never been to a Fabric Land and was pleasantly surprised, I must admit. It doesn’t look much from outside, but it’s like an Aladdin’s cave once you step through the door!

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  20. I’d be so disappointed if you stuck to just 7 photos. I’m loving the wisteria too – so beautiful at the moment. Also loving all that yummy looking fabric. As for the price of the sewing machine, when we were buying a fridge a couple of year ago I saw one for 10k – I’d sooner by that sewing machine than a 10k fridge 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • £10K for a fridge?? Wow, although I’m with you and it almost makes the sewing machine sound like a bargain, lol. I don’t know how I manage to have so many photos at the end of the week but I HAD to take that one of the wisteria – I made Mr H-L drive around a roundabout and stop on the kerb so I could take it:)

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  21. Where to start with this jam-packed post Sheila? Love all the historical buildings in this, that mummified hand is a bit much though! We really are spoilt with history in the UK 😀 Fab fabrics, particularly liking the elephants.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are totally spoilt with history overall in this country and, I’m ashamed to admit, we often take it for granted. It’s nice to be able to share bits with our overseas followers, isn’t it? Particularly the bits the guide books don’t mention. I think the kids are going to love choosing from those fabrics – I know I had fun buying them!

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