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Sunday Sevens #91


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series thought up by Nat at Threads & Bobbins – click on the link to find out more and how YOU can join in.

1. Back from Spain in the early hours of Wednesday morning (7th June – I’m still catching up), I had to get organised pretty instantly. The school fair was in four days time and I still had loads to do as, not only was I making things for the school,  but was also having a stand for The Stitch Academy AND running a fashion show for my students. 

I started by making samples for the Summer workshops which I would be advertising on my stand – Pyjamas and Sleep Mask, and an Owl Cushion/PJ Case.

2. Next, I made the Miette skirt by Tilly and the Buttons, also a future workshop or maybe weekly lessons. Raspberry coloured linen which hangs really well for this style.

3. The woman who loved my cross-body bags but wanted one in grey with a star on it had her wish granted! Luckily, she turned up at the fair wearing a grey T-shirt with a star on the front and snapped this bag up straight away.

4. The Elderflower cordial that had been brewing while we were on holiday was bottled and labelled. Here they are on the stall at the back on the far left. They all sold. Two one-litre bottles at £4 each and four 75cl bottles at £3 each, for anyone who is wondering how to price things at a school fair. It cost £2.74 for the sugar and lemons (the bottles were old lemonade ones) and sold for £20 – a nice little profit for their funds and SO easy to make.

The bunting I made for our wedding is hanging at the back of the tent:)

5. Mr. H-L actually made the marmalade this year as I was busy sewing. They’re the jars on the tray with the blue fabric ‘hats’. Ten small jars (half normal size) all sold for £1.50 each. They cost about £3 in total make and, again, the jars were recycled.

I also made forty scones on the morning of the fair so they were nice and fresh.

6. Oh, I almost forgot – after making the scones, I quickly traced off and made a Coco top as the fair wasn’t until one o’clock!!

7. My stand at the fair which was a huge success, enrolling more students and premiering my new adult classes to the villagers. A Tilly and the Buttons Margot Pyjamas workshop is almost booked up! (Thurs 14th July if anyone is interested).

8. A dozen of my students took part in a fashion show at the fair which they absolutely loved, showing off the things they had made over the past nine months since The Stitch Academy started.

9. No.3 Son stole the show with his antics!

10. He certainly made the most of his moment in the spotlight!

11. In other news….this cardboard city is a window display in a boarded up solicitor’s premises. Random, but brilliant.

13. N0.3 Son wanted to make the butter this time.

Here he is squeezing out all that lovely buttermilk which made some scones later in the day.

14. My Victorian butter paddles do their job nicely.

15. There, finished!

16. Perfect spread thickly on some Date and Walnut bread still warm from the oven!

17. ‘Chalky’, our Chalkhill Blue hen, laid her first blue egg!

18. The next day she laid her second, both of which were massive for such a small hen and this is the reason why – both were double yolkers!

19. Teaching pattern drafting to a student, this week, a basic trouser block.

20. I had almost finished a cardigan as a Christmas present from leftover yarn (thrifty, as ever) but ran out only to discover that it had been discontinued – oh s**t! 

I ended up unravelling four inches of a scarf in order to scavenge enough yarn to complete the cardigan. Luckily, the scarf was a) for me and b) REALLY long in the first place so no harm was done.

21. I got out all the components of my July make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network – but never got around to starting it. Next week, maybe.

22. Three homemade cards amongst those sent from our six (between us) children to Mr H-L on Father’s Day.

23. A pair of Star Wars flip flops, bottle of malt whisky, a coffee cake, homemade brandy truffles and, from his girls in Brighton, a dozen rock oysters!

24. What a great end to a hectic week!

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42 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #91

  1. That fair looked like a ton of fun! The butter and oysters look tasty as well.

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  2. OK – I’m exhausted just reading all that! Your holiday in Spain obviously recharged your batteries very effectively! Everything looks wonderful – especially that raspberry linen skirt!

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  3. I will never stop telling you that you are a big inspiration to me! I’m heading to the fabric store this afternoon!!

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  4. I need a lie down just from reading that lot. To recap you got home Wednesday, and managed to make a skirt and a top,.bake. Umpteen scones, set up and run a stall for a school fete and stage a fashion show. What ever you are on please can I have some too. You are Super Woman! I love that skirt too.

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    • Hee hee, yes, that just about sums it up – don’t forget the Pyjamas and Owl cushion! That was on top of the day to day stuff and all the sewing classes that I teach. Should have been more organised before we hopped off to Spain, lol.


  5. Gracious I forgot the owl etc. How could I, the owl is adorable. Did you actually sleep at all last week? Or are there sewing fairies that come out to help when you retire like the Elves and shoemaker?

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    • My husband said that it sounds a lot when listed like that, but I wasn’t particularly rushing or work late at all. Just spent my free time making things – it’s amazing what can be done! I love that book, by the way:)

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  6. Wow! now those are some sweet jammies!! love the blue eggs!! Cool beans!! LOL

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    • Aren’t they cute PJs? The kids are excited about making their own versions. We bought the hen for her blue eggs as I love the way all the different colours look in the egg basket. Simple pleasures:)


  7. I think even Superwoman needs to have an extra weetabix to keep up with you this week 😉 As ever such wonderful results in everything you do and great news on taking extra bookings and students and bookings, I’m sure everyone, especially your present students loved the ”show and tell’ of all their lovely items. Lots of lovely things to look forward too in your new classes too! Perhaps it’s a good thing to have all those double yolks to keep your energies running high;-D

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    • Looking back, I suppose it does look like quite a lot was achieved in three and a half days – it didn’t feel like madness at the time though, I have to say! It paid off in terms of new recruits, so it was definitely worth doing. Aren’t the blue eggs just the best? They look so pretty amongst all the cream and brown ones.

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      • I think it’s wonderful that you have so many people wanting to attend your sewing classes, though it doesn’t surprise me as you are so great at everything you do and certainly deserve your business to be a great success 😉
        They do look lovely in amongst the other eggs and such a lovely shade of blue, I wonder if you have to draw straws in the mornings to see which person gets the blue doubles lol??

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      • Thanks so much Caren, that means a great deal. Regarding the eggs; most point-of-lay hens tend to lay few double yolkers to begin with, then, once they’ve settled into producing eggs, they revert to single yolkers. She’s our smallest hen though, so Lord only knows how she pushed them out!

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      • 🙂
        That’s so interesting! obviously I know nothing about hens or their laying habits…but your new little lady sounds like she is very determined!!… especially seeing the size of those blue eggs against the others in the batch ;-0

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  8. Wow, you really have been busy! It sounds like the school fair was a great success not just from the fundraising but also for your stand and upcoming workshop:) I love the colour of your linen skirt, and the little owl cushion is so cute!

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    • It was a huge success all round, thank you, and my stand had lots of compliments, generating lots of interest for the business which I was very pleased with. Everyone seems to love the Owl – the kids are certainly excited about making it. I’ll share all their versions when the workshops are over.

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  9. Good grief, you have been busy! Looking forward to hearing how your adult sewing classes go!

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    • The adult pyjama workshop is fully booked now and all the ladies have been getting quite excited about it apparently. This week was a bit more sedate in terms of productivity. Mind you, I couldn’t keep last week’s pace up for long!


  10. Love these Sunday updates! You sure pack a lot into a week don’t you! You are such a multi-talented lady! ❤

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  11. What a great little showcase for your workshops – I’ll bet you get some new recruits for The Stitch Academy. I see the weather looked fairly reasonable – I’ve just come back from a week in the U.K. dodging showers although, it was even worse here in France so can’t complain.
    Never mind the double yolkers – who is laying the heart shaped ones?? 😉

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    • Although it drizzled a little on the day of the fair, it was mainly dry and sunny and has turned out to be the best day since we got back from holiday. Not the best Summer so far – again. Heart shaped egg, ha ha!


  12. Wow… what a busy week! Glad your promotion worked for the sewing classes!

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  13. An amazing busy week. So awesome. I adore the owl, I do love owl so much.
    What a great fair, those are always so lovely to attend. I can spend hours there.
    Glad you had such a great week after your vacation. Lovely little cardboard houses, looks almost real.
    With your son making butter, I am serious going to get out to the farming area here and get farm butter as well. 🙂
    Have a great week and enjoy all the fun and activities. Happy crafting. 🙂

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    • Thanks Joey, the owl is turning out to be a favourite for the kids as well and the workshops are filling up quickly. Why not try making butter yourself? It really is very easy – and very satisfying.

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      • Thank you. I really should. I grew up on a farm as a child and we had an old hand held butter churn. I don’t know which I loved the most, the salty butter or the buttermilk on porridge.
        Its a nice excuse to go the country farm for milk as well. 🙂 Thanks.

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  14. I do love that linen skirt! It’s very lovely and the color is perfect for it.

    And I had a giggle because you and I have the same sewing machine. I’ve just picked it up and am still getting to know it (I haven’t sewn in a while and my previous machine was an antique), but I do love it so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, the linen is just right for that skirt, the weight helping to accentuate the A-line shape. The machine on the stand at the fair is one of four that my students use. It’s a great little work horse and very simple to use, as I’m sure you’re finding out:)


  15. Ok…I left you a wordy comment, and then WordPress said I couldn’t post it. Then I followed with a test and of course that went through. I’m terrible at recreating what I said. What I covered was this: You’ve accomplished so many beautiful makes in such a short time. Your booth is smashing and so is your linen dress. I’m in love with that owl pillow and wish I was ten all over again. I think your sons are adorable (making butter no less) and hamming it up on stage.

    The cardboard village is masterful. Whoever created it spent a lot of time on detail. It’s really something.

    Happy summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Alys, it was a bit of a mad week in terms of productivity and I couldn’t possibly keep it up for long without burning out! The owl is proving popular and workshops are almost full, thank goodness, as I spent a lot of time planning and making samples. The cardboard town has been replaced with bird boxes – I must take a photo of it.


  16. Oh my word – what a week!! Your school fair looked fantastic, what a wonderful showcase for your Stitch Academy. You amaze me that you can find the time for all you do from home made cordials and walnut bread to butter making with your son and craftiness too! You amaze me 🙂 the cardboard city was stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, but this week has been slower paced – I couldn’t keep that up for long! The school fair was a highlight for me, as the kids did brilliantly in the fashion show – a real credit to The Stitch Academy and I was so proud of them.

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  17. Wow! You really do know how to pack it in! Do you have one of those time turner thingies like Hermione Granger? Such and uplifting post – mind yours always are. So pleased the stitch academy is doing so well – what a great idea to arrange a fashion show of student makes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a jam-packed week but this one is much quieter, thank goodness – I’m still recovering! The fashion show idea is nothing new, but we’ll definitely do another one as the kids were amazing and so keen. All their parents were justifiably proud of them, as was I.

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