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Triple-Layered Linen Dress



This month’s make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger’s Network is an interesting one. I started off with a commercial pattern but had to drastically alter it after I realised that the white fabric revealed my underwear!

Click on the link below to read all about it: –

Triple-layered linen dress

Author: sewchet

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30 thoughts on “Triple-Layered Linen Dress

  1. What a great solution! The dress looks lovely and your finishing is so neat! the white looks great with your lovely tan – it seems to be a favourite already!

    I tend to use slips – they seem to allow fabric to flow over the body, without showing my muffin tops! they also block out knicker colours – I tend to keep skin coloured panties as well.

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  2. Love your white dress – breezy and beautiful! Very clever adjustments, Sheila. Looks to be the perfect summer dress for so many occasions!

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  3. Lovely solution for you! Have been eager to see what you concocted, and wasn’t disappointed. If I had your lifestyle, there’d quickly be another on this side the pond!

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  4. So cleverly thought through to a wonderful result!! Such a practical, classy and comfortable dress ~ smart for all occasions ~ Love it 🙂

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  5. Oh,this dress is beautiful!! I like it so much and, damn, if your work always makes me wish to sit down to my sewing machine and make something nice!!!

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  6. WOW you look stunning, what a beautiful dress

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  7. Perfect summer dress, and yes much better than the original pattern. Love your out and about impromptu photo shoots, you look lovely 😀

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  8. Looks so lovely & cool for the sunny weather😃

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  9. This really is a lovely, sucessful dress. I too love sewing with and wearing linen, and find white very classy in hot weather. The slightly translucent nature of the linen does make the layers work really well. I have skin coloured underwear for wearing under white and find it does the trick.

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    • Skin coloured underwear would be the sensible solution and I will get some next time I’m anywhere near a town that’s big enough to have shops that sell them! I actually also quite like the translucent nature of the fabric, modesty aside. This dress is always in the laundry basket though – that’s the downside of using white:)

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  10. Came back here after seeing you looking lovely in the dress on your latest Sunday Sevens. I am in the skin coloured underwear for wearing under white – M&S do loads.


  11. Meant to say ‘I am in the skin coloured underwear camp’ but I’m sure you realised that 😉 I type faster than my brain can work.


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