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Stitching Santa Reveal #2


Having blogged about my knitting/crochet Stitching Santa parcel last week, I’ve locked myself away for half an hour to make sure I blog about my second parcel – the sewing swap.

This box of goodies arrived well in time for Christmas and came from Lynn who blogs at Tialys, with the strict instructions not to open the card in advance of Christmas Day as it contained spoilers.

When I finally got around to opening Lynn’s parcel three days after Christmas, I was greeted with this stunning project bag made from a striking cat print fabric (utterly appropriate from this Cat Lady) and it was put into service immediately for a knitting project.

Contained within were a number of individually wrapped gifts which I was glad I had to photograph as it stopped me from ripping them all open at once in excitement, after all, it had been sitting under the tree teasing me for ten days!

First up was this bundle of pretty floral cottons, so useful for the free motion embroidery that I like to do so much.

A Deer and Doe pattern was a real surprise, and a fab one at that as I’ve never sewn one of theirs.

I LOVE the Liberty print zipped pouch that Lynn made – so pretty and in all my favourite shades of pink. (It will be the make up bag that I keep in my new Mulberry handbag that Mr H-L bought me for Christmas:))

This now holds my car keys – no longer will they get lost in the depths of my handbag:)

The entrance to my studio is into the loft via a ladder so there is no doorway on which to display this – it will be nailed onto the beam at the top of the ladder instead, to welcome me very time I enter. ‘Embroidery Workshop’, Google translate informs me!

A mini photo sticker gave me a clue as to what was in the next two presents……

…….bandanas and a new collar each for Fifi and Tess!

Lynn makes and sells these in her Etsy shop, donating some of the profits to dog charities. Check out her shop if you haven’t already done so – there are some fab and funky designs in there and you’ll be helping homeless dogs at the same time!

Finally, there was a cute little drawstring pouch filled with chocolates which The Boys ‘helped’ me to eat.

I think you’ll agree that it was a very generous and thoughtful mix of gifts – thank you Lynn!

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27 thoughts on “Stitching Santa Reveal #2

  1. What lovely and thoughtful gifts. You were definitely spoiled this year. Happy New Year Sheila!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A super selection. Lucky dogs and boys too.


  3. What lovely gifts! Definitely worth waiting for 😊 that project bag… well all of it really, is just fab!


  4. Gorgeous gifts, looking forward to seeing the collars and neckerchiefs being modelled! πŸ˜ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a wonderful haul …sooo worth the wait LOL


  6. Wow you have been spoiled! What a lovely selection of goodies and I LOVE that cat bag.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m glad you are happy! I really want to see the skirt made up – I bought my daughter the same pattern for Christmas so maybe I can trace it. I’ve seen some nice versions online and it looks a very flattering shape – perfect for summer with some sandals and a t-shirt. I’d forgotten you do free motion embroidery but those little squares of Liberty tana lawn should come in very handy for that.
    So, you got your handbag! You must have been a very good girl all year πŸ˜‰
    I enjoyed choosing things to make and buy for you and thank you once again for organising it. x

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ecstatic! I thought they were all Liberty fabrics, but didn’t like to assume. I don’t normally wear skirts as I have a protruding belly to hide but, as I’m on a mission to try and lose a bit of it, the skirt pattern will be a goal – it’s a gorgeous pattern. Yes, I got my handbag!! The heavy hints obviously worked, lol!


  8. What a good friend, every gift a delight!! I look forward to seeing everything in use or made up – especially those little fabric squares when they are freely embroidered………..


  9. A lovely mix of gifts for you, [ the boys πŸ˜‰ ]… and your dogs too!! I love the make up pouch and what a time saver…having the cc strap on your keys…just add up all those minutes over a year searching in your bag lol

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  10. You got some lovely things in both of your swaps. I do like the doggy goodies too.


  11. Great gifts and well-deserved on top! πŸ™‚


  12. Lucky girl. Merry Christmas.


  13. This looks like a great selection of carefully chosen items that you will enjoy using and displaying ~ how lovely and thoughtful 😊


  14. Beautiful gifts and lots of spoiling, including the furry children. So much fun, I loved this swap and had a super great time.


  15. What dazzling and insightful blessings. You were unquestionably ruined for the current year. Glad New Year Sheila!!…

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