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Sunday Sevens #166


Literally, a flying visit to post a few photos for Sunday Sevens.

Apologies to anyone who may have noticed my absence of late, both in lack of posts and  commenting on others – I have every intention of catching up when things die down a little in the real world.

  1. Hardly any rainfall for a few weeks now means the grass looks mostly like this, dry and brown.


2. We haven’t seen a Summer like this in years!


3. With everyone taking advantage of the good weather, my ‘first cousin once-removed’ held her 65th birthday party outside in her farmyard.


4. Cock staying cool in the little bit of shade in our garden.


5. A nice cooling pint in the beer garden of The White Lion Inn in nearby Bourton.


6. Mr H-L took a picture of the loo roll holder in the pub’s toilet…..


7. ….thought his daughter’s fiancé might make us something similar to go with the lamp he made us for Christmas!


8. No.3 Son sang with his school in Wells Cathedral.


9. The Husband had to go to Munich on business for a week.

Poor thing.


10. It’s just been too hot to slave over a hot stove, so I took No.3 Son out for supper one night.


11. Much too hot for a traditional English pudding, too, so our B+B guests had to make do with homemade chocolate mousse and biscotti.


12. My Eldest invited us around for supper.


13. No.3 Son loved having her pet mouse curled up on his shoulder.


14. His sister swapped shorts with her brother, No.2 Son, who is twelve and they fitted her perfectly. She’s 27.


15. My Auntie came over from Spain to stay with us and we all went out for a meal at The Stag’s Head in Yarlington.


16. The next day was No.3 Son’s 11th birthday….but we had a wedding to go to, so he had to stay at his sister’s.


17. The following day he had a birthday party to go to himself and had the time of his life go-karting.


18. Meanwhile, I utilised time alone without the Mister to go over the hall, stairs and landing with a fresh lick of paint.


19. The stairwell is tall and narrow with very little natural light so tends to be quite dark and more than a little boring compared to the rest of the house, as I was lacking inspiration as how best to add interest.


20. Then I had a lightbulb moment and added a band of colour to match the front door and hung some pictures all the way up.


21. The mother of the little girl who won the doll put these cute photos on Facebook.

22. I had to show you this photo of one of my students who is showing off the shorts she finished in class this week.


23. Finally, despite starting The Wedding Blanket back in January or February, I still didn’t finish it in time for the big day last Friday. Luckily, the newlyweds are honeymooning for a week, so I can complete the border and send it to their house for them to open on their return.


For all those asking about our planned move, negotiations are ongoing with the National Trust and the Listed Buildings officials, but are looking positive, if more than a little long-winded and stressful. It’s still not a ‘No’, so fingers crossed and watch this space!


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23 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #166

  1. Busy, busy!
    The Wedding Blanket looks wonderful, I’m sure they will be thrilled.
    So good to see the dressed doll being loved and enjoyed.
    Good luck with all the house shinnanigans.

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  2. Love the wedding blanket. Could you share the pattern??

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    • Thanks- it’s just two different granny squares, one is called “Willow” and the other is just a basic lattice pattern. I’m mixing several stitches and making the border up as I go along. The blanket is 9 squares by 12 squares.


  3. Blimey Sheila, I thought I’d been busy. You’ve got so much going on at the moment. My sympathies with the moving bureaucracy- it’s so stressful and in many cases there’s nothing at all you can do to help it along, you are at the mercy of other people and that’s hard. I hope you get a positive resolution soon.
    I’m so glad your photo of number 3 son and the little mouse popped up on Instagram today, I was thinking of you this morning thinking I hadn’t seen or heard anything from you for a while. This post explains a lot.

    The wedding looks delightful, as did that lovely pub garden! I hope you get a cooler spell for your chickens soon! Your wedding blanket is beautiful and as for your b&b guests – I’d go for chocolate mousse any day of the week! Take care and I hope things calm down for you soon x

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  4. My goodness! You are honey for still posting today. Hope everything moves along for you soon xxx

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  5. It has been so hot here too – the garden is suffering terribly! Loving the blanket!

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  6. Gosh, super hot and busy for you. I never did quite understand the English conveyancing system – except that it is likely to be a long, arduous and likely to go terribly wrong system. ( I think that, coupled with the heat would just leave me sitting under the air conditioning whining 😀 ) I’ve got my fingers crossed for you it all works out the way you want. Love the hallway do-up! And the blanket!

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    • Air conditioning – now that sounds nice! Unfortunately, there is no such thing in England as we rarely have the need for it. I don’t think our conveyancing system is particularly complicated, but it does seem to take a ridiculously long time unless you keep chasing the solicitors. We’ve just made it difficult for ourselves by choosing to add to the mix a National Trust property which also happens to be Grade II listed!! Thanks for all the good wishes:)


  7. That mousy is so cute. (And so is its’ owner!) Like how you’ve done the hall & stairs – congratulations! Do stay cool, m’dear. And best wishes on acquiring that property – and great patience!

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  8. Busy girl! Great photographs, thanks for sharing 😃

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  9. Mr. T. is looking for a new working week flat to rent in the UK at the moment due to a change of contract and that is bad enough so I don’t envy you your conveyancing adventures one bit.
    I love the blanket is it white or very pale blue? – what a lovely gift to receive at the start of their new life together.
    I also like the ‘industrial strength’ loo roll holder which I’m sure Mr. H-L’s fiancé will be able to reproduce for you.

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    • No, buying and selling is right up there where stress levels are concerned, but I have managed to get up in the sewing room today for the first time in a couple of months to make something for me, so that should help. The blanket is Duck Egg Blue and is almost finished, thank goodness. I feel bad that it wasn’t ready in time, but hey ho. Wish Mr T luck in finding a new flat to rent.


  10. 🙂 You have been busy, and I totally understand. Even more so when it is summer. So much more seems to be happening. But it is nice to see all is well and everyone is loving summer, except maybe the lawn and grass. Looks very hot indeed.
    Your wedding gift blanket turned out stunning. It is a beautiful gift, I love the idea.
    Have a super summer time and enjoy. Take care and I am still keeping my fingers crossed for the new home. 🙂


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