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New From Old : Linen Summer Dress


A couple of years ago I made this self-drafted linen dress and wore it quite a lot that year.  This year, however, I’ve always chosen something else ahead of it in the wardrobe so, when I decided to make a short, sleeveless Summer dress in an attempt to stay cool, I thought I’d cut it up and re-use the fabric as I still love the colour.

pink linen dress

I’ve used this New look pattern before when I adapted it to make a white triple-layered dress, also from linen, as in view B on the pattern envelope below.

This time, I chose view D.

new look

Most of the time was taken up unpicking the old dress, ironing the fabric and cutting out the new pieces, after which the simple shift dress came together quickly.


I know it was supposed to be a simple shift dress, but it was a little too simple for my liking so I tried out this bit of sequinned trim around the neckline.


Much better and still no too fancy for a day dress.


I added a couple of long darts in the back through the waistline to give the dress a bit more of a shape.



Although I initially hadn’t planned on re-using the pockets, I do like pockets and, as it’s a casual dress, decided to go ahead and stitch them on.





I used French seams throughout and simply overlocked and turned the hem, armholes and neck edge.


Bust darts stop it being too boxy, too.


I had to join two short lengths of trim and there was just enough to do the front neckline only. Spot the join if you can!!


Hubby’s away on business so I had to resort to mirror selfies again I’m afraid.


So far this Summer it’s been hovering around 30°C for at least a few weeks which us poor Brits are simply not used to and, as such, the most I’ve worn is a pair of knickers whilst at home.

Luckily for the Postman, I now have a piece of clothing that I can bear to wear:)

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21 thoughts on “New From Old : Linen Summer Dress

  1. Very nice, and I love the pink. I think most of us wear some pretty informal clothing these days at home–nothing at all, or a teeshirt with nothing, or knickers, or other variations on nothing-much-if-at-all.

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  2. Lovely transformation! It will be great for these hot weather days.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I also love the idea of recycling old cloths (me made or store bought) because this way you save money, fabric and reduce waste eventhough it might take longer to finish.
    I like the vivid pink color and actually both versions of the dress! Nicely done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree wholeheartedly and it made sense to re-cut it because the linen finally has that soft, well-washed feel to it. I loved the old dress but it wasn’t getting worn enough and, anyway, the new one has sequins – enough said!


  4. GREAT refashion, Ms. Sheila! Am certain your postie will appreciate the neckline… er, trim, the neckline trim. (But maybe not as much as your previous outfit. 😉 Lol!)

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  5. Good idea to transform a little worn dress into one that gets you out of your knickers – so to speak. A couple of my neighbours here call being ready to open the door to the outside world ‘bra ready’ and, I must admit, the item of clothing I find most uncomfortable in the heat is a wired bra so I’m joining the ranks of the braless when at home alone.

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  6. Like the shape of the new top – and keeping the pockets was a great idea – you can never have too many!

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  7. Excellent use of a dress that was being passed by. I love the neckline trim – and the postman stories in the comments!
    Pity the weather has changed this morning but I’m sure the heat will be back.

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  8. haha, bet the postie is gutted, you were probably the highlight of his day! You’ve done a fab job and made a great dress. I’d say pockets are essential. I REALLY have to learn to make my own clothes, or alter the shop-bought ones I have. You mentioned adding darts at the back and bust to stop it being too boxy. A lot of my clothes are boxy as I’m busty, I’m wondering if I could make them more wearable with my very basic dressmaking/intermediate sewing skills?


  9. A great transformation, and love the pockets ! I wish I was as clever. I spent ages unpicking a shop bought pair of shorts recently – oh my, it takes ages to unpick I agree! – and then worked out I didn’t have enough of the fabric I had earmarked for the new pair. Onwards and upwards – many things on my ‘to make one day’ list


  10. It is so worth the make over. The new dress is going to be popular in summer, I am sure of it. It is perfect. I am glad you added the pockets again, they do make the dress! Stay cool and enjoy your summer. You look stunning. 🙂


  11. Wow well done! How empowering it must be to make something. I need to learn😀

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