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Sunday Sevens #96

Having been SO busy these last few weeks, I couldn’t possibly fit in everything we’ve done, so here’s a heavily edited version of events, albeit in rather more than seven photos again.

Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for Sunday Sevens – a weekly blog series showing what you do outside the blog. Click on the link to find out more.

1. I went to my first ever Baby Shower, an event that has reached the UK from foreign climes apparently, and is gaining popularity with youngsters rapidly. My crocheted pram blanket was well received by the mother-to-be.

2. We went to Exmoor to view some more b+bs on the hottest day of the year. A really good Summer day in England is 23 degrees centigrade, so we were sweltering in the heat.

3. Mr H-L didn’t need much persuasion to stop for a nice cold pint in The Beggar’s Roost in North Devon.

4. The following day, Mr H-L and I had a day out locally and went to three pubs in one day – a record for us!

Breakfast was at the Roth Bar and Grill…..


5. Lunch was at At The Chapel…..


(This made us smile!)


7. ….and afternoon tea was taken at The Three Horseshoes Inn.


8. A group of students were filming down by the river, so we stayed and watched for a while.


9. Arty snap of The Boys playing Top Trumps.


10. The new girls were just settling in nicely (can you tell?) when this one strayed too far and was killed by a passing car:(


11. No.2 Son declared that he needed some short sleeved T-shirts for our imminent holiday in Cornwall. I cut up a couple of Mr H-L’s old ones that were destined for recyling and combined the good bits to make him a new one. A bit Frankenstein perhaps, but he’s pleased with it.


12. A lovely few days were spent in Cornwall with family in their holiday cottage near Newquay. As luck would have it, the tickets we bought for the Eden Project last year were valid for twelve months, so we snuck in again on Day 364 for free!


13. We even sniffed out the bar in the tropical dome!


14. Days were spent on the beach…..


15. …..evenings were spent on the beach.


16. A romantic one of us watching the sun go down as The Boys frollicked in the surf.image

17. Ha ha!


18. Crisps and a pint in The Shipwrights Inn, Padstow.


19. Back home, family had arrived from France to stay for a few days and some friends popped in spontaneously, so I quickly rustled up an impromptu meal for thirteen!


20. Another day, another family visit, this time our granddaughter with her mum and dad. We took the kids for a walk and ended up in a playground where dogs aren’t allowed, so tied them up outside at the railings.

Just look at that sad puppy face!


21. Mum and daughter flat out later that afternoon. Must have been all that fresh air (and the ice cream!)


Well, that doesn’t cover half of it, but better to put a few photos up rather than miss another week, I thought.

I’ll try to find time to do a separate post covering all the sewing workshops for those of you who have been following the sewing school (

Hope you’re making the most of the Summer holidays, too!



Sunday Sevens #86

Welcome to another SSSS (South Somerset Sunday Sevens) – no. 86 or 87, I’ve lost track after this many weeks. Nat over at Threads & Bobbins came up with this idea to help you keep blogging in those less productive times. Pop over to her blog to see how you can join in, too.

As ever, I have failed to whittle it down to just seven photos (clue is in the title!) but HAVE found a way to make it less obvious that I can’t count – make a montage!

  1. Although we went away to London last weekend for our wedding anniversary, the actual date was mid week so, of course, we had to celebrate again on the day itself. We went to one of our favourite places for lunch, Holbrook House, which is the same hotel that we spent our wedding night in.

Anniversary meal

2. These giant 25mm knitting needles arrived in the post from Wool Warehouse along with some super chunky wool. I’ve been knitting with laceweight yarn on 3mm needles for three months solid and was desperate to do a quick knit.

giant knitting needles

3. We spent a couple of days in the garden at the beginning of the week as soon as the spell of good weather started. Pool was filled, gazebo drapes were put back up and the daybed was dressed for the Summer.


4. I cast on with the giant needles whilst keeping an eye on The Boys in the pool.

We had snow this time last week!

knitting outside

5. Knitting continued apace the following morning in bed. I love how quickly this has knitted up. In fact, the entire jumper is finished already – I just have to sew it up!

giant knitting

6. Talking of knitting, No.3 Son asked if I would teach him how to knit. This is the progress of his ‘scarf’. Well, a scarf is the first thing everyone knits, isn’t it?

boy knitting

7. Mr H-L’s red shorts are nearly finished. Waistband is going on – this is the inside and should make him smile every time he puts them on.

mens red shorts

8. No.2 Son declared that he needed some new shorts for Spain in a few weeks so, being the mother that I am, told him to go and make some.

An hour and a half later – voilà!

Like his father, his taste is not exactly conservative:)

Hawaiian shorts

9. Two more happy Stitch Academy students with their finished projects.

sewing students

10. Our first barbeque of the year!


11. Lunch with the girls made a nice change as we don’t get to do it as often as we used to.

lunch with the girls

12. Second barbeque in as many days! Last year we didn’t have a single one, so we’re making the most of the good weather while it lasts.


13. In fact, we lit the woodburner (every garden should have one) and stayed outside until nearly ten o’clock with family who were visiting for the weekend.

outside logburner

Finally, a big “thank you” to all your kind messages about the hens. They are all missed, but the new ones are getting used to us now, coming closer as they get braver and become more inquisitive. It won’t be very long before we find them wandering into the kitchen, I suspect.