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Wrap Dress And Frilly Knickers (Diaper Cover) For A Baby Or Toddler Girl

As I mentioned in the past, I have been sewing for a very long time. After my daughter was born, I made most of her clothes and she was the best dressed baby in town!

My “little” girl is now almost twenty-four and I no longer sew for her, so any excuse to create pretty little outfits is seized – this cute little two-piece is for someone I will be visiting at the weekend.

I had some cute fabric left over from a previous project and there was just enough to make a little wrap over dress using this pattern. I used some coordinating pink checked fabric to line it, making it reversible, and made some matching pants (pattern here).

baby wrap over dress and frilly pants

The back of the dress splits and shows off the adorable frills on the back of the pants.

baby wrap over dress and frilly diaper cover

Two lime green buttons are a bold choice to compliment the bold design.

baby wrap over dress green buttons

Did I mention that it is fully reversible?!

Either for a different look or to get more wear out of it before it hits the laundry bin:)

Not the knickers.  (Although I did once suggest this to No.1 Son when he ran out of clean boxers because he didn’t bring his dirty laundry downstairs).

baby wrap over dress and frilly pants front

Why aren’t more clothes this practical?

Imagine how much less stressful it would be if you stopped for breakfast before a meeting and you spilled ketchup all down the front of your shirt.  Unless you keep a spare in your bag for just such an eventuality (really?), you could just turn it inside out and, hey presto, clean shirt!

baby wrap over dress and frilly pants back

baby wrap over dress red button

No more struggling to pull a dress on over a wriggly babies head either – this one just wraps around and buttons up at the shoulders.

baby wrap over dress

A contrasting pockets adds a bit of interest. Trimmed with coordinating lilac ric-rac, a flower cut from the main fabric has been appliquéd on and a bit of fun free machine embroidery added to finish it off..

baby wrap over dress with pocket

In the words of William Morris; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

I like things to be useful and beautiful so pockets fall under this category for me. And what’s the point in having a pocket if there’s nothing to put in it?

So I made a little pink felt bunny that will (hopefully) entrance the wearer sufficiently to displace all notions of filling the pocket with worms. (Yes, little girls do that too!).

toy rabbit in pocket

Bunny has embroidered features so is perfectly safe for inquisitive hands.

toy rabbit front

And a bunny isn’t a bunny without a fluffy white bob-tail, is it?

toy rabbit back

baby wrap over dress and frilly pants with toy rabbit

So there you have it – a gorgeous little wrap dress and frilly knickers for a baby girl or toddler, which is reversible to boot!