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A Creative Way To Gift Money


Now I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who hates (and I don’t use that word lightly) to give money or vouchers as a gift – I would much rather make a present if possible, or choose something personally if a bought gift is more appropriate.

However there are occasions when cold hard cash is the only option (or a cheque/voucher) especially when trying to please a teenager or, more frequently nowadays, as the preferred wedding gift for a bride and groom.

But what are you supposed to put the money in?

Slipping some notes into a card is the usual thing to do, or you could attempt to make it look as if more thought has gone into your gift by popping cash into a card money wallet specifically designed for the purpose.

Hmmmm. Therein lies the problem. How to give an expensive gift to make it look less thoughtless.

I found myself in this unenviable position this week as my Aunt has mentioned that she would love an iPad for her 75th birthday. As there are lots of options in terms of specification, the family have decided to give cash and leave the decision up to her as to which model to buy.

Luckily I was reading Bec’s blog about Snail Mail and she inspired me to create a card along the same lines and….



This is the inside of course and, basically, by creating an interactive card I have satisfied my urge to give a present that can be opened properly.

I started by machine sewing ‘Happy Birthday’ onto the front of a folded sheet of A4 black card.


Then, using a craft knife, I cut out some images from a sheet of wrapping paper…


….and carefully glued them on with PVA.



A small square of white card serves as the money wallet, simply glued on three sides making sure the top edge is left open.


Using a gift bag (I always recycle any that I’ve received presents in) I cut out a square about an inch larger all round than the white one and then cut it down the middle.


A six inch length of ribbon was glued to the underside of the cut edges.


To make a flap to glue to the card, score a line about a quarter of an inch in and fold as below;


Glue these flaps to the card over the white square.


I drew a cartoon-style iPad as a reference to what the money is for.


A miniature tag was cut out of the same card and attached with a short length of embroidery floss.


A bow tied in the middle finishes it off and gives the feeling of having unwrapped a real present.




I am actually quite happy to give money in this card as I feel lots of thought has gone into it and after all, it is the thought that counts.

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12 thoughts on “A Creative Way To Gift Money

  1. Love it!! 🙂 very creative!!

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  2. Well done!!! Love your creativity ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Oh, I love, love, love what you’ve done here! So very creative! I don’t like giving “just” money either, and try to make my own cards (crochet touch) when money is the only present possible! Marianne xx


  4. This is a hundred times better than receiving a note in an envelope.
    I’ve never thought to machine stitch on to card before! Very clever 🙂

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  5. The perfect solution. This looks a great compromise on the impersonal, but often practical problem of giving money or vouchers 🙂


  6. This us a lovely creative idea 🙂 I bet she will be thrilled to be able to buy an iPad (my 91 year old Nan loves hers!) but bet she will be more touched by the time and effort you put into the card.

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  7. I’m sure your Aunt will be thrilled with her lovely card knowing how much time has gone into it:-) I hope she has a great day!

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  8. What a stunning post, very creative and hand crafted to boot 🙂

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