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Sunday Sevens #88


This is a double helping of Sunday Sevens as I didn’t get chance to post last week. Thanks to Nat at Threads & Bobbins for dreaming it up.

1. Started watching the Great British Sewing Bee – why is it on so late? I record it for The Boys to watch the next day.

2. We had coffee and croissants at our favourite local bakery come café.

3. This sign was outside a pub in a neighbouring village and made me smile.

4. I bought Tilda’s latest book thinking it might provide inspiration for sewing projects for my students.

5. I made this from the book but decided it would be too fiddly for small fingers.

6. Another local café – this is the lovely rustic back room through which you pass to get to the garden at the rear.

7. A pretty corner of the garden in which we sat to drink our coffee.

8. These arrived – I am now an official stockist of Tilly & The Buttons patterns! I’m working on workshop dates at the moment.

9. We went to John Lewis in Kingston while we were in London but I wasn’t tempted by anything.

10. One day it was hot enough to sunbathe…..

11. …..the next, it was peeing down and cold enough to light the fire again!

12. Mint cuttings were re-potted for the school fair – the limit of my gardening talents.

13. I picked the first of the elderflowers to make some cordial, also for the school fair as it went down so well last year.

14. Family selfie at the local pub as our last meal before we headed off to Spain!

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #88

  1. GBSB is on even later here – we’re an hour ahead anyway but I usually download it to watch the following day so I don’t get any buffering through the dodgy internet connection. I am confused with some of the contestants never having sewn anything on the bias or used stretch fabrics before but then seem to use things like boning with ease. However, I know without any shadow of a doubt that if nothing else – it would be the time pressure that would do for me. Just the thought of somebody saying ‘you have an hour and 40 minutes’ would turn me to a useless piece of quivering jelly.
    I love the sign outside the pub but I think they should add ‘never trust anybody who can go into John Lewis and come out empty handed’ 😉
    Have a brilliant time in Spain – they have quite a few pubs there you know.

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    • Oh, looks like my reply didn’t register, sorry. Was saying that the time pressure would be my downfall, too, as I’m a stickler for detail. My work would be pretty neat and accurate but I may not finish. It still surprises me what passes for ‘good’ by the judges! Had to laugh about your comment on the pub sign:)


  2. Lovely week for you, Sheila, and now off to Spain – whee! Hope you all have a lovely time & great weather! Be safe ~ xx

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  3. Have a wonderful holiday, hope you set the dvd for GBSB!

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  4. Great to hear you’re having a lovely time in spain. I agree. It’s odd they’ve put GBSB on that late. It really is an 8pm slot programme.

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  5. ….leaving without a new fabric purchase??? LOL hope you weren’t sickening for anything ;-/ I’m sure your mind was more on the impending family hols ~ Hope you’re all having a great time!! 🙂

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    • Saving my pennies for Spanish fabrics but haven’t found any as yet. Hopefully something will jump out at me otherwise I’ll be pretty disappointed and will have to go back to John Lewis!

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  6. What a great double Sunday Sevens!! How exciting stocking Tilly patterns 🙂 your lucky students!! You have some lovely looking eating/drinking establishments in your neck of the woods :-). I’m with Tialys on the one our later Sewing Bee here in Gibraltar. I managed to watch the second one ‘live’ (and even better it came on straight after Chelsea Flower Show my perfect evening’s viewing). Enjoy your holiday x

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  7. Oh, just the sight of all that fabric – swooning. Oh, and the bakery? Swooning again. Love the little whale, and the book for your students looks delightful. Have a wonderful time for the rest of your vacation in Spain! Looking forward to your recap post!! 🙂

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