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Cross Body Messenger Bags


We’re still in Spain, but I took some photos of some bags I made a couple of weeks ago on the off chance that I might find time in my sunbathing  busy schedule to do a quick blog post.

I was lucky enough to be given this brilliant book by someone (so sorry, but I can’t remember who!) which has some great designs in it.

A student of mine, who is just eleven years old, asked if she could make a bag as her next project and who am I to refuse? I gave her some books to look through and she chose a cross-body bag (as opposed to a body bag – totally different connotation!) from one of my books aimed at adults.

After having a quick scan of the instructions, I agreed that it was doable for a beginner, with a little help, and sent her off to go and buy all the supplies in time for the next lesson.

In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to just whip one up myself, so that I knew what I was looking at. After all, with four kids in each class, I have to split my time between them all and would be unable to give her one-to-one attention for the duration.

I found some canvas-like fabric in my stash that I bought on a whim ages ago that was waiting for the right project. The bold pattern was crying out for a contrasting lining, so I used up the last of my fuchsia linen and chose a matching zip.

Just over an hour later, this is what I ended up with: –

I just love the bright surprise when you open the zip.

I had everything in stock already, except the something suitable for the strap, so popped out quickly to buy a few metres of webbing which was stitched on securely in the usual way.

The back is just as attractive as the front.

I was so pleased with how it turned out that I carried straight on and made some more!

The next was made of a pale lime fabric with a cream fruit motif which I paired with……

….a vibrant turquoise lining, leftover linen from my stash.

This is probably my favourite, though – made from a butterfly print fabric that I bought from Kirstie’s Handmade Fair in Hampton last September.

I chose a cotton in various shades of blue for the lining.

Of course, I don’t need a cross-body bag, so these are destined for sale either in my Folksy shop or the school fair next weekend. 

Have you found a pattern that you couldn’t resist making again and again just for the fun of it?

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39 thoughts on “Cross Body Messenger Bags

  1. So fun and so practical! Love the contrast linings.

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  2. Such style, your students will LOVE this project, the fabrics you have chosen are so summery ~ they have cheered me up on this cold, rainy afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Lovely bags – I especially love the butterfly one. I expect all your little students will want to make one of these!

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  4. Oh these are just lovely, I do like this style of bag and it’s a nice touch with the contrast linings too!

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    • I always feel compelled to insert a bright lining in things – it makes anything more interesting, doesn’t it? I agree about them being comfortable to carry – more secure, too.

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  5. So cute! Perfect for young (and not so young) ladies. The butterfly is my favorite, too. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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  6. They all look so lovely in the beautiful fabrics you’ve used ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with Mrs. P, I bet your students will really enjoy making them…and I should imagine they will become a much used accessory too!

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  7. I agree the butterfly is totally gorgeous. Enjoy rest of your holiday.

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  8. Lovely bags & will have to check out that book! It’s wonderful that you supported your student in doing what she wants, even if it might be challenging. That gives such self-confidence, and girls of all ages need encouragement! Hope you’re going to share your bags with her when she comes for her lesson. After all, it was her suggestion that led . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  9. Fantastic fabric combinations & what useful bags, I’d have wanted to use them all on holiday! Such a great project for your student too

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    • I really don’t need another bag but I’m tempted to keep the butterfly one if it doesn’t sell. I usually get bored after making a few of the same things, but this pattern is so quick and easy and uses such a small amount of fabric that I can see myself making more:)

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  10. Great bags – that book looks useful.

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  11. These are gorgeous! Out of interest, do you suggest a price for the school to charge for your bags, does the school price them or is everything based on donations?

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    • I am paying to have my own stall for the fair so these are for me to sell. I donate homemade jam, elderflower cordial, scones, fudge and other such things for the school to sell for their funds, but I tend to price them up myself otherwise they sell them for less than they cost to make which is pointless, in my opinion! It all sells, so ยฃ1.50 for a jar of homemade jam and ยฃ3.00 for a 75cl bottle of cordial is obviously not too much, even at a school fair.


      • This is really helpful, thank you! (And your boys’ school is seriously lucky to have you, what you make sounds delicious.) The reason I asked is that I made some little bags for a fair and they went onto a stall where everything was in return for donations, and I just had to hope that people recognised how much time had gone into making them. Next time, I’ll ask if I can price them up myself.

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  12. For starters, I hope you’re having a great time in Spain. I haven’t been in years but remember the beautiful architecture and history.

    It so nice that you encouraged your young student. I love that. Your three bags are quite charming, and I agree that the surprise of the linings add to their charm.

    I haven’t sewn for myself in so long, but I used to have a simple skirt pattern that I would make again and again. It would be long out of style by now.

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    • Thanks Alys, we are having a brilliant time – even better as we’re staying with family so no fighting for sunbeds around the pool. This bag pattern was so good that I couldn’t wait to make another…and another. Rarely do I have the urge to make the same thing more than once but, as with your skirt, there’s always an exception.


  13. Great bags and they should sell really well at the school fair. When I sell things for the dog shelter I price them up myself and put a notice up saying ‘50% of profits to the Dog Shelter’ or whatever you decide, so that costs can at least be covered and people know exactly what’s happening to the money.


  14. They are really beautiful! I love your fabric choices ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Lovely bags. I’m sure they’ll be snatched up quickly. Personally I don’t like making the same thing again = butterfly brain I guess ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. Such pretty bags! I’m sure they’ll be snapped up but I’m surprised you can part with them!


  17. Sheila I have missed you so much. I have been super sick, Not to mention I had to buy another computer. My new one I had just bought had a fried mother board. ….Geeeeeeez! I love the butterflies, My mums all time. I just cried you did a beautiful job!!! Your students are doing great1

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  18. Argh…. I’ve missed too many of your wonderful and always inspiring blog posts, Sheila! Having a great time catching up! Marianne xx

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