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Dress For Royal Ascot 


As usual, I made myself a new dress for Ascot this year – to read all about the slightly rushed experience (I made it the day before!) just click on the link below which will take you to the full blog post over at Minerva Crafts.

Burda 6869 Dress For Royal Ascot

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33 thoughts on “Dress For Royal Ascot 

  1. Aaargh!! The day before? I think I’d have just run down to the nearest posh dress shop. Well done you. It looks as if the heat had calmed down a bit for Ladies Day – had it or were you sweltering?

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  2. Lovely dress ,hope you both had a great day

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  3. Stunning! Well done,I can’t believe you accomplished that so beautifully in a day. 😊

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  4. What can I say…. you are so gorgeous and such an inspiration… what a beautiful dress you made, it is so perfect worn by you 😍😍😍

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  5. Looks stunning, I’m amazed you managed it in a day, that’s some serious sewing!! Love the peplum too 🙂

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  6. Whit whoo! You looked amazing.

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  7. WOW!! And that final comparison with a real woman and a model just made my morning! The design looks every bit as fabulous on you as it does on her. I sure hope you find another excuse to wear it again – surely once is not enough!

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    • Thank so much Pauline! It’s always difficult to directly compare oneself with a ‘perfect’ woman, but important to show how it differs on a real figure, I think.


  8. You’ve done a terrific job, even under pressure. Congratulations for pulling it off. I really like the detached peplum and those neat and tidy pleats. I hope you had a terrific time.

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  9. Sheila, you are a marvel getting that finished in time! It’s beautiful. Looks like you had a great day too 😊

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  10. Stunning! Did they axe Great British Sewing Bee in the end? If not, why aren’t you applying?

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    • No, it’s on again next year! I was picked for TV audition for the very first series and turned it down. I was hoping it would be a documentary-type series – I loathe anything with a judge on it, so said no thanks:)

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      • Yay! to it being on again, I know they were thinking of binning it – although heaven knows why. I hear what you’re saying about the judge thing, but they always seem to being having such a good time too. (If a little fraught)

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  11. Wow! Stunning! I can’t believe you started sewing it the day before and yet it still turned out this fabulous! I hope you get the chance to wear it again.

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  12. You pulled it off! Your dress is just brilliant! You and hubby look so happy. The boys are getting so big. Tell them to stop growing! I am feeling a bit better.. not much but I am trying hard. I love seeing your smiling face. 😀


  13. It is absolutely stunning and you and hubby both were the perfect picture. 🙂 Loved it. Thanks for sharing the day with us all here.


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