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Butterick 6297 – Lounge Socks


This month’s project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network was this pair of so-called ‘Lounge Socks’ for the Mister. To see more, follow the link to they full blog post: – LOUNGE SOCKS

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14 thoughts on “Butterick 6297 – Lounge Socks

  1. I need those socks!!! I will go over and see your tutorial, I know it will be brilliant.

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  2. They look nice and warm and comfy and given the size of my feet, I’d probably be better off making my own ‘lounge socks’. But no time for that now. Maybe late summer/autumn – perhaps I should buy the pattern now though to remind me.

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    • Oh dear, is it a real problem having larger feet then? I’m a standard size six and that can still be a problem as it’s the most popular size and sells out quickly. I like to think it’s the only ‘average’ thing about me, of course:)

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      • It is. Really bad when i was young as they didn’t even sell shoes my size for girls and I’m only an 8/8.5 – I once met a girl playing netball who had size 12 feet! But still not good because the large sizes that are around always sell out quickly and there’s less choice, plus I’m tall, so don’t want the higher heeled ones! However i now have a huge arthritic joint on my right foot, which is making things even harder 😦
        I suspect you’re right, your feet are the only average thing about you. Who wants to average? 🙂


  3. Those are excellent Sheila and just the thing to cure man-flu – imaginary or not, it is possibly the worst affliction in the entire world!!

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  4. Oh what a useful looking set of patterns! Might look at getting that. I do love to have lots of loungewear!

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  5. Oh such a happy hubby! And rightly so, these look so perfectly warm and comfy.

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  6. Those look great, and for whatever reason these posts are not showing up on my wordpress reader. I’m glad I checked .


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