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Pretty Make Up Bags

Whilst browsing for fabric (every crafter’s favourite pastime) I fell in love with the Clarke & Clarke range, in particular “Rosetta” and “Dotty”.

It’s quite an investment price-wise so, in an effort to make it go further, I designed some make-up bags. I used a PVC fabric to line them for two reasons;

  1. To make it go further
  2. The waterproof lining prevents spillages from ruining your Mulberry handbag (well, a girl can dream can’t she?)

Here they are, looking very pretty all in a row: –


I thought they deserved an extra bit of loveliness so I inserted a hand-embroidered tag on one seam. (Thanks, Emma Lamb, for the inspiration:))


Ready for sale complete with swing tag and free gift!


(Audible sigh…) such pretty fabric.

I feel a “Rosetta” and “Dotty” combination cushion coming on so watch this space!

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New design swing tags

Wahay, my new swing tags/business cards have arrived from!

After lots of deliberating and inspiration from the brilliant Pinterest, I decided on a very simple design; an image featuring my creations on the reverse with just text on the front. This will allow the addition of a little handmade brooch as a token of appreciation for my lovely customers:)


This is how they look in situ: –


I bought a paper punch with a doily edge a while ago with the intention of creating this pretty effect.

This is the reverse: –


I’m quite pleased with the final design; what do you think?