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How To Make A Quick And Easy iPad Sleeve

In my last Sunday Sevens post I mentioned that I treated myself to a little something from the Apple store in Exeter.


It was an iPad mini, which I’ve wanted for a while now, ever since I injured my neck and had to close my photographic business in November (years of carrying heavy equipment around my neck).

Since I no longer have to sit in my office and turn my huge iMac on every day, I thought it would be nice to have something more portable so that I could blog or browse the web from the lounge/garden/kitchen – anywhere but shut away on my own in the office.

Although I also bought a separate Logitech keyboard which affords a little protection to the iPad, I couldn’t wait to pop into my sewing room and whip up a quick and easy sleeve.

The same method could be applied when making a sleeve for any tablet, mobile ‘phone or kindle.

Here’s what I did: –

Measure the device, add a seam allowance to all sides and cut out the following pieces.

  • 1 front
  • 1 back
  • 2 lining
  • 2 wadding

I used scraps and had to have different fabrics for the front and back.



Start by sandwiching a piece of wadding between the front and a lining piece. Pin all layers together and baste all the way around.


Repeat with the back.


Trim any excess wadding.




Cut enough bias binding to go around all four edges plus an extra length for the opening edge. You can use ready made or follow my tutorial on how to make your own bias binding.

I used an old tea towel!


Pin the bias binding to a short edge of the back and stitch in place.


Repeat with the front.


Pin the front to the back and baste together around three sides, leaving the top opening free.


Fold under the raw edge on the remaining bias binding.


Pin the bias binding to the sleeve around the three sides, enclosing all the layers and stitch in place.


Not my neatest piece of work as it was only for me and whipped up in a hurry whilst supper was cooking, but it was completely free using bits from my stash.

You could spend more time and make it more polished, especially if it is to be a gift for someone.


And there you have it – a quick and easy sleeve for your iPad, iPad mini, mobile ‘phone, laptop, tablet, kindle……….