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Sunday Sevens #168


Hello Strangers!

I haven’t abandoned you completely, just put my online activities on the back burner whilst sorting out Real Life, but thought it was about time to post an update to those of you who are interested.

Sooooo much has happened over the Summer that I couldn’t possibly share even ten per cent of it, so I have cherry-picked just a few photos to give you a taste of what’s been going on.

1. At the beginning of August we ventured over the bridge to spend the weekend with No.1 Son and his girlfriend in Wales. We were treated to a family barbecue where we were delighted to meet his girlfriend’s family for the first time.

2. It was also the first time we met their eight week old Dachshund puppy, Gypsy, who is completely and utterly gorgeous!

3. Whilst in Wales, we took the opportunity to spend the day at St Fagan’s National Museum of History…on the hottest day of the year. What an amazing place! If you’ve ever considered going, I couldn’t recommend it more.

4. Do you recall that No.2 Son had a commission for a crocheted cushion? Well, he finished it.

5. He even embroidered a label for the reverse for that personal touch.

6. Very neatly stitched, directly over a tracing of his own handwriting.

7. All things handmade are highly prized in our household, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when he asked if he could spend his commission money on a bespoke pen in the form of a rifle.

8. He bought it from one of the many, what I call ‘proper’, craft stalls that were under marquees in the museum grounds. Here’s a photo with the artisan woodturner, Immy from Immy’s Woodcrafts.

9. Meanwhile, No.3 Son turned his hand to a spot of pot-throwing and had his very own creation to take home with him at the end of the day.

10. We spent a few days down in St. Columb Minor, Cornwall with family, where my cousin has this lovely holiday cottage. They also rent it out here.

11. Whilst in Cornwall we took The Boys to Paulos Circus. My, how times have changed – not an animal in sight, but lots of incredible acrobatics and the obligatory (non-scary) clown. Great fun all round and The Boys seemed to love it.

12. Back down to Earth with a bump – The Boys are helping us to renovate our London flat after a bad tenant moved out.

13. Not helping, but keen to be close to the action.

14. At least we had a camping trip to Exmoor to look forward to later the same week. Such a familiar part of my life so far, yet it seems weird that we’ll be living there permanently in a few months time, instead of just visiting.

Fact: Exmoor ponies are one of the oldest equine breeds in the world and are mentioned in the Domesday book in 1086. They still roam in semi-feral herds on Exmoor today – here are some I came across whilst there.

15. My usual role as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at the campsite.

16. It was the first, but hopefully not last, time that ALL the kids and their partners came camping with us. We went to a café for a cream tea and our granddaughter didn’t want to be in the photograph, but you can just see her hiding underneath the table!

17. There was a stall with an Honesty Box outside a farm somewhere in Doone Valley where I bought this egg. I managed to snap a pic of both the massive egg and the Rhea that laid it in the background.

18. That’s one huge fried egg! The equivalent of six hens eggs, apparently.

19. Home again, and this is the last picture of Cock that we have, eating out of our hands as he often did.

He died a couple of days later, after reaching the grand old age of six years.

20. I don’t know who misses him more, The Girls or us:(

21. So we’re now down to just two hens and Tess and won’t be adding to our brood until we’ve moved.

22. No.3 Son has rekindled his love of horse riding, which has taken a back seat in favour of football recently.

23. No.2 Son couldn’t wait to get back to boarding school after a six week Summer holiday – he really is having the time of his life and his little brother is impatient to join him.

24. When they’re both away at school, I’ll miss the little things that make me smile on a daily basis, like this sign on their bedroom door warning me about their battlefield of soldiers on the floor!

25. Still, I’ve got plenty of things to occupy me, like keeping up the stocks of the homemade jam that is now available for purchase by our B+B guests in boxes of three.

26. I’m also still teaching a couple of sewing classes each week, with students that are as keen as ever.

It’s a ‘poo emoji’ cushion, just in case you were wondering! I turned it into a skill-learning exercise by teaching her to do some appliqué and machine embroidery.

27. Socks are still ever present on my needles.

28. These, the eighth pair in my personal collection, mean that I have reached my goal of having only handmade socks in my wardrobe. A goal that I am actually rather proud of as it means a step forward in greener living.

29. Also on my (other) needles at the moment is this Holey Shawl, again, pour moi.

30. It’s not all selfish knitting though, as this jumper is to be a Christmas present.

31. Probably the biggest news of the Summer is this though…..


If you got to the end, “Well done” and I’ll try not to leave it so long next time!

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #168

  1. Welcome back! What a busy summer you have had – just love Gypsy, she is gorgeous.

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  2. Wow Sheila!
    Well done selling your house, that must be a relief.
    I love visiting St Fagans. They have a excellent library too that I have spent several hours in when researching family history.
    Definitely a full on summer for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just reading your Sunday sevens. Can’t believe the last pic.! SOLD.???? You never said. ! Christmas is a bit in the air then.? Xxx

    Sent from my iPad


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  4. Lovely to have a catch up Sheila – what an amazing time you have been having. Congrats on selling the house. I don’t envy you the move!
    A halloween poo emoji – HaHaHa!!!!! Brilliant! My grandson wanted a poo emoji birthday cake for his 8th birthday – he’d LOVE that cushion! Especially as his favourite colour is purple.
    Congrats to Bertie on his handiwork – I’m really very impressed – I managed to teach my boys (now in their 40s) to cook but they were never keen to sew, knit or crochet – neither was my daughter! But now I have a second chance with the grandchildren – lucky me!
    Good luck with the move.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sandra, I’m nervous about moving but excited, too. I try to let my students make what they want but I have to please the parents, too – after all, they’re paying! As long as the kids are learning worthwhile skills, everyone’s happy. My older children weren’t interested in handicrafts either, but that could have been due to me being a working mum back then with less time at home to be crafty? I certainly seem to find time to teach the younger two, anyway! Good luck with teaching the grandchildren.

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  5. You have indeed been missed! Congrats on the sale – and I guess life will get even busier as you begin the task of readying to move and then setting up your new B&B…….. It’s always nice to see what you and the family have been up to whenever you pop by. And well done on the sock collection.. My one pair of socks have become close friends with my feet 🙂 I’m even thinking of having another go at learning to knit my own.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks and yes, even busier and more stressful times are on their way, I’ve no doubt! I can’t stop knitting socks, even though I now have more than enough as they’re just such a joy to make – have another go and you’ll see what I mean!


  6. Congrats on selling your house! I hope you got your asking price. I’m SO impressed with the commissioned pillow! That’s amazing! And I love the pen. I tried to find them on his site but they are not there. My husband makes pens as well and he would love one of those. That EGG! WOW! I laughed when I saw it! Your boys are growing up so fast. It looks like you had a lovely summer. Enjoyed the post. 🙂


  7. Great to see you back! Knew you were busy, just didn’t know **how** busy! Hope all goes well with your move, and things settle down quickly so we can see a bit more from you. xx

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  8. Congratulations on your house sale – that will be a load off your mind.
    Great cushion, wonderful socks, lovely Tess (and mini dachshund), who couldn’t love a Halloween poo? and RIP to Cock.
    See you next time xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Selling up is going to be the easy part, methinks – commercial mortgages on not-yet-commercial properties are proving tricky. Still, there are worse places to rent than on Exmoor while we wait for it all to come together! I might even have a bit of breathing space to come up with a more imaginative name than ‘Cock’ for our next cockerel….but don’t hold your breath😬


  9. A very busy summer for you all. That was such a big egg! St Fagan’s is a great museum. Congratulations on the sale of your house, the move is on. The very best of luck. Well done to your son on his sale, so good that you bought something special to remember it.
    The game of soldiers made me smile, reminded me of my boys too , with the no go areas.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Cathy, a busy Autumn/Winter is on the cards, too! I’d love to go back to St Fagan’s as it was far too hot to enjoy it all (not a phrase we use too often in the UK!). It’s nice that The Boys appreciate handmade as well – he has two more commissions so I wonder what he’ll buy with his earnings this time?

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  10. Looks like you have been having a busy summer. I’m glad I’m not the only one that disappeared into the ether over the summer.
    Looks like you have a lot on your hands over the coming months. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses

    Liked by 1 person

  11. 🙂 Good to see you all again, and hear from you.
    I know the feeling, life happens and then some parts just seems more busy and needy than others.
    But it seems you are all having an amazing time, and getting so much done too.
    Looking at your camping photos, I realize how much I miss the bush and the holiday I had there. I would really like another breakaway like that too. 🙂
    Well done to you all, with all the crafty goodies going on. 🙂 Everything is lovely. Specially your sock collection.
    So nice to see all the plans are also falling into place for the “change of scenery” with the old house now sold and the new one in the future. 🙂 I absolutely look forward to following you on that new and exciting journey.
    Have a fabulous time and enjoy.
    Hugs to all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Joey. Like you, camping lifts my spirits, even if it rains the entire time (which it did!). The new owners want to move in by Christmas, as is always the case, so we will be in limbo for a while, renting somewhere temporarily. My sewing machine will have to go in storage but my knitting needles will stay close to hand – I need something to keep me sane amongst all the chaos!

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      • Camping and the bush does lift ones spirit. I find the bush and the quiet (and animals and their noises, of course) very peaceful. True, even if it rains. 🙂
        Oh no!! Having to rent and live “out of storage” for a while will not be so nice, but in the end worth it. At least you can still knit and crochet. I don’t think Tess is going to be very impressed with all that either. She is such a little character. 🙂
        But seeing the end goal, I would put up with a temporary solution as well. It will only be a little while, and then its all systems go for the new place. I already love the new place, just from your posts and pictures. It looks gorgeous. 🙂


  12. Yay welcome back and phew that’s one busy exhausting summer! Congrats on the house!

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  13. Good for you for selling the house–that makes buying the new one easier. RIP poor Cock. Well done to the boys and their creative efforts and sports–

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  14. Good luck with the move! Looks like you’ve had a very interesting summer! 😊

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